Water4Gas - Run Your Car On Water + Gas!

The Perfect Solution To Souring Gas Prices, Pollution and Global Warming!

Double Your Mileag By Converting Your Car to BURN WATER and GAS!
Water4Gas system is
a Do-It-Yourself gas combustion and mileage enhancer, based on an over 91 year old water fuel technology (splitting oxygen and hydrogen).
The system is specifically designed for people with limited budget and no mechanic skills or tools. The complete Water4Gas system can easily be build at home; the low cost hardware can be installed and removed in minutes without engine, car computer or fuel injection modifications.
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If you search Google you will find numerous hydrogen generator designs. Compared Water4Gas is by far the easiest and most reliable mileage enhancer system for beginners. The water reservoir, bubbler and electrolyzer have been put together into an outstanding device that lower emissions and improves mileage by enhancing your engine combustion.

Water4Gas use special coiled electrode wires instead of spiraled or flat plates, this unique and simple coil construction creates a magnetic vortex that boost the water splitting process and considerably reduce the vehicle’s battery usage.

The water splitting efficiency is affected by three major factors, direct flow through the electrode coils to the water, the magnetic vortex generated by the special wire shape of the electrodes and the vacuum created by the car’s engine.

Save The Planet

Today’s new combustion engines efficiency is extremely poor, only 20%-25% of the gas is transformed to accelerative motion. The rest of the energy (75%-80%) is wasted into unburned fuel, heat, noise, vibration and greenhouse gases.

STOP wasting energy, releasing pollution and heat (global warming)! Improve and clean your engine combustion and get smoother and quieter performance with this unique water for gas technology.

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It’s important to point out that the Water4Gas technology is aimed to enhance the gasoline (half water, half gasoline) and NOT to run your car on 100% water. With the right tuning you can double or triple your car or truck mileage, the only thing you need is tiny distilled water and 5 teaspoons of baking soda as catalyst to cut the gas consumption in half. An average car will run 2500-3000 miles per gallon water.

Obviously the results are varying depending on type of vehicle, load weight, temperature and general driving circumstances. However the average Water4Gas improvement in fuel economy is 40%-50% and more and more customers are reporting mileage gains 200% or more!

Free 7 Day Course

When you order the Water4Gas.com e-books you will get step by step information about how to manufacture and install the HOD (hydrogen-on-demand) technology in your own car, you will also get instant access to the free member’s only marketplace where you can buy the complete ready to install systems directly from more than 600 independent manufacturers under $100.

Water4Gas developed from a small home business to a global network for water-gas technologies. Water4Gas is the perfect solution to souring gas prices, pollution and global warming!

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